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Kleeneze Independent Destributor

Kleeneze Independent Destributor

Kleeneze is one of Britain’s longest running home-shopping companies and a founder member of the Direct Selling Association.

It is the nation’s number one direct selling company for household products, with a range of over 1,500 innovative and practical items including kitchen & cookware, cleaning & laundry, health & beauty, garden, car and even gifts.

Kleeneze sells its products purely through its network over 12,000 self-employed distributors across the UK and Ireland. They are responsible for the delivery and collection of the Kleeneze catalogues, processing customer orders and hand-delivering their purchases.

Kleeneze is totally flexible, giving distributors the opportunity to work from home and choose their own hours. There’s also the opportunity to grow their business by building up a team beneath them who will contribute to their success at http://...

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Address: Aray, Independent Kleeneze Destributor, Macclesfield, Manchester, UK

Phone: 01260 218085

E-mail address:


Hours: 8.00am > 10.00pm

Owner verified listing Owner verified listing
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Released: Saturday, August 6, 2011 09:55 UTC

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