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Foto cerita gambar status lucu. A winter-weary gnat with hunger on spring was the beginning of it, that my life took on a new path.

"Hey, Do they turn again," called Alina outraged.

We played on the playground in the sand box and I had driven out the gnat of her little arm. A reflex. But with her nine years saw Alina not to the mosquito as an evil being who wanted to take something from her. About itching later she thought not, not in this sunny spring moment had a visitor with shining wings settled confidentially on their skin. She did not have many friends.

But the gnat was still sluggish cold, flew into the silver blue sky.

Last year Alina had been seriously ill, and she was still groggy and just a little different. I she worked as a school aide, went with her into the classroom to help her, if she did not went well and they did not understand something. If the other Playing sports, we played our own games or did homework. I was twenty years older and had a degree in education, but sometimes I wondered who taught whom more. They occasionally had an unusual way of looking at things.

Mosquitoes at least I would see differently in the future.

Alina was my morning child. In the afternoon I gave Tim and Benny from another school tutoring. This Friday I had a staff meeting, and when I was finally on my way home, it was already dusk. This is my favorite time of day: when the air is strangely quiet and clear and aufblinzeln the first lamps. April was full of spring promise. The blackbirds were evening sounds trickle from the tree silhouettes and smelled of violets. I was filled with a vague feeling that it would be a momentous summer. Only, that was not always the case in the spring?

No. Something was in the air, because I was sure. Premonitions drove around with the emerging soft evening mist. It was like a whisper in the world: the wind, the steps of the passersby, my own breath, everything seemed to be trying to tell me something. Maybe I wished only that something changed. This summer would contain my thirtieth birthday. A good time for new directions, perhaps even overdue.

The old woman Zepke from the neighboring apartment had once again forgotten their trash outside the door. Top tucked inside the newspaper. I took them with him, because of the display part. I needed more tutoring students!

At a tea I flipped through the newspaper. Tuition was sought only in mathematics. I would have even been necessary. I wanted to fold the pages already, then I thought, squeezed between the ads at a driving school and a funeral Institute, a small, unassuming personal ad in the eye. "I am a wheelchair user, if you have courage, sign up!" A forty-five man who no longer wanted to be alone, there were still a few others here, not more remarkable words, this sentence, however, was the one I had in mind involuntarily. I threw the paper away, swept the crumbs from the table, the orange peel from the chopping board and dumped on top of it both sucked dust, cleaned up my desk and looked through the mail. All the time the sentence fluttered around in my head like a restless bird cage, which irritated me. Finally, I do not normally read personals. Anthony satisfied me fully, even if it had no future. For us was a very special present that mattered.

But even at dinner I felt as if I was chewing on this block. Courage! Courage to love is always a prerequisite. But why should you need more courage to love a wheelchair? I was not only confused, I was angry, not knowing why. Even after a hot shower and the TV news, I could not rest. My anger had now clenched in my stomach into a solid little anger. Yes, it went so far that I imagined I heard a clear voice, "he write that!" I had never heard voices, and I had not even fever. I had to do something. Shaking his head, I dug the paper out of the trash. It was muddy and smelled like oranges and coffee grounds. I almost did not recovered the small display, but eventually I deciphered the code, was listed on the envelope and sat quietly grumbling back to the desk. Normally I would not have dreamed of, to respond to a personal ad. I am ashamed of myself and was almost back on the way to the trash when I Alina and mosquito invaded. Maybe I had to rethink just: not scare with a reflex everything irritated me, but only closer look at what had gotten myself served.

So I wrote a few distinct lines on an unadorned notes: I looked at it as an assumption that it would take more courage for a relationship with a wheelchair as for a man with two usable legs. So it does not sound quite so harsh, I added one or two sentences about me. When searching for a stamp me a punch fell into his hand, which I had received for Christmas. With it you could cut butterfly-shaped holes. I had never tried it, but now I was punched, on impulse, such a hole in the envelope. When I put in my note, peeked the word "courage" through. I hoped that the German postal service would have to go through this.

First I put the letter in the hall. Morning on the way to work I came over anyway at the mailbox. But then I changed my mind. I needed fresh air again, and there were only a few hundred meters. The moment when I heard the plop envelope into the box, I felt better. No anger in my stomach donated more unrest, but the appetite for a bun with quince jelly. And in my head the voice was silenced. I heard the way again.

On the way back I discovered the constellation Cygnus for the first time this year, just above the horizon. The swan is a summer constellation. As a little girl the first thing that stuck in my memory. The Swan was my lucky charm, my heavenly friend;. It calmed me down when I saw him fly with his wings spread silently over me in the frighteningly wide, black sky Twenty-five years later, I still liked him. Nice that he was back. I just had to tell Anthony.

Because I did not know how long I Anthony at all would tell you something.

Foto cerita gambar status lucu

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