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Founded in 2005 Cooper Chung provides personalized financial investment solutions for tens of thousands of investors worldwide who appreciate personalized service. Cooper Chung provides this by way of a collection of products and solutions personalized to each and every individual client's requirements. A number of clients will hand all the decision making to us, while other individuals would rather continue to be very closely involved.

In either case the balance associated with the partnership is precisely what is extremely important, in addition to trust and integrity which is vital within the close working relationship between Cooper Chung and each and every client. We believe in personalizing our services by assigning each and every client their own Portfolio Manager.

Cooper Chung is one of the leading commodities and forex clearing organizations within the financial industry. Over the last six years we have processed in excess of 1 billion customer contracts. Being focused on first-class technology, responsive risk management, personalized back office procedures and highly customized customer services, Cooper Chung continues to be one of the industry leading clearing organizations for its diversified and expanding worldwide client base. Our experienced and dedicated professionals provide the most extensive, technology-driven clearing and execution services in order to make it possible for profitable and successful trading.

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